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I'm having a problem with WEBLINK on my XAV-AX7000

For anyone attempting to connect an Android phone via WebLink to the XAV-AX7000, you may experience a never-ending spinning progress circle, or a combination of that and an error message that reads "Please install and start the Weblink Host app on your phone. For more information visit www.abaltatech.com/wl".
To remedy this and get WebLink to function:
  1. Unplug the phone
  2. Force close the WebLink Host app on the phone
  3. Plug the phone back into the radio
  4. Confirm the pop-up message that asks if you want to auto-launch Weblink Host when the phone is connected to that radio.
This is due to an improper permission call handling on the WebLink side, not due to the radio malfunctioning. Once that permission is granted, it will function like normal. You can turn that off in the Weblink Host settings afterward, or simply hit the Home button the radio to get back to normal radio functions or Android Auto.